Frequently Asked Question!

Ans.There are not much precautions required while taking homoeopathic medicines but it is better to take the medicines on empty stomach without taking water for 10 minuets before and after taking the medicine.

Ans. Yes, medicines are generally considered safe for consumption in recommended therapeutic doses.

Ans. Please understand that as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are not allowed to prescribe medicines for the medical problems needing physician’s consultation. We suggest that you should consult your homoeopath for these products, who will be in the right position to formulate the treatment plan and managing measures after the case taking, examination, etc.

Ans. All these medicines are over the counter medicines and no prescription is necessary for them, although treatment under a homoeopathic physician is always recommended.

Ans. If you miss a dose, don’t repeat or increase the dose, just take it normally on the next dosage time.

Ans.The refund will be initiated in 5-7 working days directly in the bank account.

Ans. Yes Cash On Delivery (C.O D) is Available to buy products online. If returned the refund will be initiated in 5-7 working days directly to customer.

Ans. Mother Tinctures are drug alcoholic extract generally having 1 gram in 10ml of the tincture from the herbs, animal or mineral sources as per pharmacopoeia fixed formulations. Dilutions are single remedies used in classical homoeopathy. Dilutions are potentised preparations prepared from Mother Tinctures.

Ans. For our Web users, homoeopathic medicines are categorized under the headings like For Women, Men, ChildrenCough etc. Once the category is opened, it shows the Product with the Description.

Ans. Yes, but the dosage needs to be altered as per the age, if the indicated problem is same.

Ans.Go to My Account > Order History and Details > Status. You can track your order here.

Ans.You can place the order via the following payment modes

  • NET Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Google pay
  • Paytm
  • PayPal

Ans.You will get an email and SMS confirmation after successfully placing the order. You can also visit My Account > Order History and Details.

Ans.The delivery is free for subscriptions made for 3 Months, 6 Months and 1 Year.